Classic Applications

Air compressor controls and types

There are many air compressor text books available online or at local community colleges, colleges and universities that explain basic compressor mechanics easy as in The texts detail how “compressors are like pumps” in that both can boost pressure on “a fluid” transported via pipes or other sources. This basic understanding about air compressor devices is golden for anyone buying or renting compressors of any sort because “it’s always in your best interest to understanding air compressor dynamics,” states the goal of a local community college program educating students in types of compressors and applications for home or business uses.

The classic air compressor applications include:

– Use in natural gas, chemical, petroleum and other processing that requires “compressing” for various needs or uses.

– Supporting gas turbine system that compress the overall processing or intake of combustion air systems.

– The power source for transport of purified natural fossil fuels including gas when other sources of external power are not available for affordable.

– To help fire heat pumps and fire piston for use in air heating systems.

– For the transport of rail and various road vehicles needing such things as systems to control brakes, doors, engine operations and other vehicle gearbox controls.

– To support air conditioner compressors and other refrigeration equipment for the movement of heat and refrigerant power system needs.

Overall, the use of air compressors for a wide range of uses is needed now more than ever with so many “independent” commercial and personal use of air compressors and turbines, say power experts online.